Pokies By Software

More than 100 years have passed since Charles Fey invented Liberty Bell, the first mechanical slot machine. The pokies of today look more like video games that are stuffed with 3D graphics, high-tech solutions and bonus features like special symbols or second-screen bonus rounds. The number of software developers that are specialized in pokies has been gradually on the increase for the past 20 years, which led to the emergence of dozens of companies that fill the market with their innovative games. Pokie manufacturers constantly expand their suite of products and try to provide something unique to get an edge over others.

Brief highlights on pokie software developers

All the developers presented on allpokies.co.nz are acknowledged leaders in the gambling industry, and each has some readily recognizable specifics that distinguish them from others, for example, a user interface, visual style or signature symbol types. Online casinos are populated with hundreds of pokies that come from different developers, which makes it challenging for inexperienced gamblers to understand the lay of the land and select a suitable pokie. Below you will find some advice on how to select the pokie developer that would suit your taste:

  • virtually all the pokie makers tend to focus on 5-reel slots that are stuffed with features, bonus games, free spins and special symbols. If you like gaming solutions with intensive graphics, stunning animations and interesting themes, consider playing the pokies from Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech or iSoftBet
  • if you prefer simple pokies, you are encouraged to have a closer look at three-reel slots produced by Microgaming, Realtime Gaming and other software vendors
  • progressive pokies that feature jackpots with very high winning amounts are produced by Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech
  • if you opt for high-roller pokies, look no further than NYX games that allow the player to put $1000+ into action per spin. Playing the highest limit games maximizes your potential rewards and increases the chances that you end your pokie session a big winner
  • if you have a small bankroll, your goal is to find a penny pokie that would allow you to play with a $0.01 wager per line. Speaking of low-limit pokies, nearly all developers reviewed on allpokies.co.nz have a lot to offer.

You can find comprehensive information about leading pokie developers on dedicated pages of this website. All of them are innovative, reputed and worth your time.